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Understanding the Concept and Benefits of Stained Concrete Flooring

05.16.2015 · Posted in HOME BASED BUSINESS

Concrete is a well-known material that is a favorite amongst home owners and designers for retail outlets, offices, restaurants, malls, residences, etc. The latest trend in this area is concrete staining. If it is applied correctly on a clean surface, the acid based stain colors are always permanent. This is an easy-to-do project that you can undertake by yourself to enhance the look of plain concrete floors.

The Perfect Integration of Beauty and Functionality

Stained concrete gives a royal look to your floor that can’t be achieved by any other coloring medium. This is becoming a mainstream process for concrete floors as it gives it a permanent flake-proof color that does not get dull or crack. The beauty of the floor lies in its long-lasting life and excellent finish.

Staining is here to Stay

Stained concrete floors are being embraced in indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike some other modern design trends, this will remain in vogue for many years to come. Its versatility makes it easy to use everywhere including kitchen countertops, family rooms, patios, walkways and commercial areas. When you can add some creativity to concrete and personalize it, why leave it bare and boring?

Your Choice, Your Color

The best part about concrete staining is that you don’t need to confine yourself to just one color. You can opt for elegant earthy tones like tans, browns, cottas and soft blue-greens. If you want to be creative, you can also mix two or more stained colors to make a new shade that reflects your style. Many stain manufacturers will give you samples so that you can experiment with the colors and get an idea before you commit to the color. You can also look at previous works of contractors to understand how the color will look as a finished design.

The Perfect Canvas – Concrete

Concrete makes for a suitable canvas for stains as it is porous. However, it must be clean if you want the color to stay. Try this simple test for porosity. Sprinkle some water on the concrete. If the water does not penetrate and beads up, your stained color will have the same effect.

Remember that it is necessary to understand the fundamentals while opting for concrete staining. The color will be permanent so use the right tools and equipment, especially for acid-based stains. You can consult a professional if you are unsure about doing it yourself. Showcase your creativity on your floors and enjoy the compliments!

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