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What Types Of Watches To Look At?

07.26.2014 · Posted in Fashion Accessories

Watches aren’t just a necessity anymore. They have evolved as a luxury accessory, making a fashion statement round the clock. Next time you dress up for an occasion, wear the right watch. Nowadays top watch brands either have their exclusive online shopping portals or are available on leading e-commerce platforms like ebay, amazon or flipkart.

You can shop watches online choosing from a wide variety of brands, categories and features. But first you have to decide on the purpose of use, style and budget for your watch. The type of watch you wear should ideally match your lifestyle needs. Are you a sport enthusiast or ‘old world’ aficionado who enjoys winding up time? Buy watches that best reflects your work and life connections.

Here a few basic types of watches:

  • Analog watches are classic watches suitable for formal occasions like business meetings and events. They display a 12-hour day, have a dial that holds hour and minute hands and is marked in numbers or Roman numerals. Good at keeping accurate time, analog timepieces run on an electrified quartz crystal.
  • Digital watches are best suited for casual wear. They are powered by a small-sized watch battery and come with either an LCD or LED face that displays time in numbers. Most sports and gadget models belong to this category.
  • Mechanical watches are hand-wound, driven by gears and springs. They are the most expensive timepieces due to their exquisite craftsmanship.

Watches are further classified as:

Sports watches include divers, aviators and chronograph watches, as well.

Divers watches for quite obvious reasons are designed to serve scuba divers. They can withstand an average depth of 100-300 meters underwater. To make this possible, they have hefty, domed crystals with solid, screw-down casebacks and screw-down crowns. Steel bracelets and rubber straps are more durable than leather in water.

–          The rotating bezel unique to divers watches are typically unidirectional and only turns counter-clockwise.

–          It has minute markers, typically in 5 minute increments with a luminous pearl at the 12-o’clock position which helps calculate time for the diver’s ascent to the surface.

–          Even better, models like The Seiko Orange Monster has super clean dials that gives good display in darkness with small amount of solar power.

Aviator watches

Think big dials and busy designs which holds collectors’ interest for hours.  They come with see-through case backs that exposes the movement inside since water resistance isn’t a critical feature to the aviator’s design.

–          The slide rule bezel helps perform arithmetic conversions while you fly,

–          The chronograph is a stopwatch that counts time upward,

–          A tachymeter helps measure velocity and

–          World time or GMT function tells what time is it in multiple time zones.

These are a few features specific to aviator watches.

The Breitling Navitimer is the classic pilot watch with a very busy dial. Flieger, an exact opposite of Navitimer was originally worn by the German Luftwaffe in WWII. It has a very large but simple dial with diamond shaped crowns.

Chronograph watches helps measure intervals of time without affecting the main timing functionality of the watch. You can record time between 1/100 of a second and 12 hours.

Luxury watches

Watches studded with precious gems, working on complex mechanisms and are rare timepieces with a history fall under this category. They may or may not sport a vintage look but come loaded with heavy bill shock. For example, Patek Philippe watches in stainless steel are auctioned for over $2 million.

Dress watches

They are most sought after models worn in trendy, vibrant shades. Pick and choose random shapes, sizes and colours with each to match different attire. It’s most popular among young watch enthusiasts who own a wide range of watches and keep changing them every day. You can shop watches online as huge array of options are available for this category of watches online.