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Wheelers Pest Control Review

01.24.2014 · Posted in Home Improvement

Pests such as rodents and insects can be a big bother especially to homes and buildings. They cause a lot of damage and can even transmit diseases. Wheelers pest control is dedicated to offering eradication services to even the most troublesome pests. They are certified to offer these services and use only up to date and safe methods for pest eradication. Wheelers offers services that help home owners and building managers to identify whether they have a rat infestation early. This includes indoor inspections to determine whether there are any droppings or traces of pests.

Wheelers pest control uses environmentally friendly eradication methods. These include thinning of vegetation within the surrounding which can harbor pests. Cleaning is also another approach used to ensure that attics and other areas do not provide a breeding home for rodents. Wheeler’s rodent services involves removing contaminated insulation materials from the attics that are left by rodents. In addition, since these rodents attract insects such as fleas and mites, they also ensure that these are eradicated.

Wheeler’s rodent services are offered using two main procedures. These include trapping and baiting of the rodents. At homes, it is best to use trapping. This is safer than using rodent poisons in your home especially if you have pets and children. In addition, it also ensures that all the dead rodents can be collected afterwards. They will not end up on the roof, walls or other areas where they cannot be retrieved.

However, when there is high infestation, Wheelers rodent control is done using baiting. This is a continuous process where the baits are checked and refilled after certain intervals of time. This can be done monthly or bi-monthly depending on the amount of infestation observed. This is also necessary when there is a high risk of rodents crawling back in from other surrounding buildings.

As part of Wheeler’s rodent services droppings and contamination from the animals such as urine is also controlled. They do not just stop when they have gotten rid of the pests, they also ensure that you are left in a healthy environment. If this decontamination is not done, you are left in a hazardous environment where you can easily be infected by diseases. This means they also ensure that your house is healthy and habitable even after the extermination. Wheelers also ensure that they prevent re-infestation. This is done by treating the interiors of the home and also through follow up services.

Wheelers pest control not only offers eradication services but also useful advice and recommendations for clients. For example, clients can get knowledge on what they should do to avoid rat infestation. This involves sealing buildings, cracks, and raising rodent barriers so that they do not climb over. You also get excellent customer care services such that you can call and report any problem for immediate help. They are flexible with scheduling their service dates so that everything is done at your convenience. If you want to find out more about Wheeler’s please click here.

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