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Why You Should Choose – Jester Entertainment

12.13.2013 · Posted in Arts and entertainment, Entertainment

Australian Standards Compliant

Unfortunately there are many ‘Toy Castles’ on the market which do not comply with Australian Standards. At present over half of the Jumping Castles / Bouncy Castle hire businesses throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast hire predominantly ‘Toy Castles’ with little or no compliance with Australian Standards! Yet they clearly state otherwise on their website! Hirer Beware.

At Jester Entertainment ALL of our equipment complies with Australian Standards – AS 3533.4.1.

Fully Inflatable Walls – No Netted / Mesh Walls

All the Jumping Castles we hire at Jester Entertainment feature fully inflatable walls which WILL NOT COLLAPSE OF DANGEROUSLY DEFORM WHEN JUMPED AGAINST. This means the users of the Jumping Castle can jump into and off the walls, which is how it should be.

Any inflatable with Netted / Mesh Walls clearly states that users are not to jump into or near the walls of the inflatable. Now that doesn’t sound like much fun.

We are commonly asked why would companies manufacture and/or hire castles with Netted / Mesh walls? The sad truth is because it is cheaper! If companies are willing to sacrifice safety on such an obvious feature then ask yourself, where else are they skimping on safety?

Full Rain Cover

The majority of our Jumping Castles have a built in rain cover so in the event of a shower of rain the party can continue. At night the built in rain covers protect the castle and the users from dew. This ensures a dry and safe jumping surface for your guests.

Shade Cover

All of our Jumping Castles that are equipped with a rain cover also have a permanently fitted shade cover to protect the users from the harsh elements. These covers still allow natural light and fresh air to fill the unit making for a more comfortable and safe experience.

Inflatable Steps

All of our Jumping Castles feature an inflatable safety step to facilitate entry and exit to the unit.

Test ‘n’ Tag

All our electrical blowers and extension leads are tested and tagged every 6 months as per Australian Standards and Queensland Electrical Safety Standards.


The pegs which will secure your Jumping Castle or Inflatable when you hire from us have been tested in accordance with and far exceed Australian Standards, because as you may have guessed, in our opinion you can never be too safe. All of our pegs are driven into the ground so as not to protrude and create a trip or fall hazard. SAND BAGS ARE NOT ADEQUATE IN SECURING A JUMPING CASTLE. Tie down Points must have over 140kg of weight per corner securing them if they are not pegged down (or an average of 840Kg per jumping castle). We have never seen this in over 7 years in the industry. At Jester Entertainment we will tie the castle off to a solid object if we cannot peg down.

Fully Insured

At Jester Entertainment we carry full public liability insurance underwritten by one of the largest insurers worldwide.

AMSAFE Compliant

We are proud to say we were the first and are possibly still the only entertainment company in Brisbane, if not Queensland, to become AMSAFE compliant. What this means for you, our customer, is when you hire from Jester Entertainment you can rest assured that all of our equipment has been purchased, maintained and set up by our fully trained staff in accordance with the strictest Australian Standards.

AALARA Members

Jester Entertainment is a Member of AALARA, the peak body of the Amusement Industry in Australia. This keeps us up to date on all aspects of the Amusement hire industry, particularly industry best practices.

Professional Booking Service

At Jester Entertainment we employ only the most proficient staff members to answer your enquiries. Like any professional establishment, we do require a deposit to secure your booking, which removes your castle from the availability list and avoids the possibility of double booking. Don’t be caught out with disorganised businesses; at Jester Entertainment you will receive a ‘Booking Confirmation’ via email once your booking has been made, now that’s peace of mind.